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Elect Audrey Davis for a
Bold, Inclusive & Caring 
Fort Wayne

Expect Great Changes

Dancing for Davis

Saturday, February 18, 2023

Before moonwalking in to Fort Wayne city politics, Audrey has always been a fan of dance and movement.  She grew up fascinated by the art of expression, and sees dance as a way of shaking off the stress of day-to-day life, and recalibrating our rhythm back toward care for ourselves and each other.

Marife Ico - a bold and caring leader in her own right - has offered her beautiful "Unify Ballroom" for an evening of collective movement for collective change. 

Reserve your ticket today for a fun evening where we will intersperse open/free dance with quick lessons of different styles of dance (Salsa, Hip Hop, Swing, etc.) and together locate our collective passion for electing Audrey to City Council at Large this primary (May 2, 2023), and in the general election (November 7th, 2023). 


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