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Audrey Davis has been a mover and shaker for years.  Below find a handful of her press clippings. 

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Letter to the editor by Lauren Caggiano


Second 'Good Trouble' press conference



Coverage of 'Good Trouble' press conference



Announcement of Audrey's first press conference as a candidate

Op-ed piece in Journal-Gazette


Coverage from WPTA



Coverage from the Journal-Gazette




Video Link from Linda Jackson at Fort Wayne's NBC

"Audrey Davis told the commissioners that adding new beds and potentially moving the jail won't deal with the ongoing problem of overcrowding, a comment that drew obvious agreement from those in attendance."

"If we care about families, this is a huge problem.  Women with children now constitute the fastest-growing segment of the incarcerated population - with the number of incarcerated women having increased 700% in the past 40 years."

"Your humility as a white female and the privilege that comes with it shines through as you readily admit your personal history of buying into a flawed narrative growing up. But, as an adult, you grew to understand your faith and the impact of systemic racism; you came to know that passivity only emboldens oppression."

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